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Unlock your smile’s potential with dental sealants. Dental sealants are designed to give you the maximum protection for your smile to ensure your teeth can shine for many years to come. Even in children, dental sealants can protect their teeth from tooth decay and cavities.

When your tooth enamel is eroded to the point that a hole forms in your tooth, this is referred to as a cavity. With dental sealants, a tooth is much less likely to get a cavity. In fact, if a molar has a dental sealant, it can lower your chance of tooth decay by nearly 80%. With children, sealants can lower their chances to get cavities over threefold.

Due to the harmful nature of acids in our mouths, our tooth enamel will not last a lifetime if it is constantly under attack. However, sealants can block acids and prevent tooth decay from occurring. Sealants work by applying a gel on your teeth that is hardened thanks to the use of a special light that activates the substances in the gel. Once the gel hardens, your teeth are protected with a new level of armor designed for the battles of bacterial warfare.

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