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Get your perfect summer smile today with a dental implant! This dental installment fills out your facial features, filling in any indents left from missing or damaged teeth. Without replacing these teeth, your mouth is left to the possibility of shifting teeth or harboring food particles or harmful bacteria, causing more pain later. This trouble may possibly lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

The attachment of authentic-looking teeth made of certain materials is connected directly to your jawbone. This treatment is a wonderful tooth replacement but can only be placed in your mouth if the jawbone healthy and strong enough to hold. A dental implant treatment will be determined doable by your dentist if it is healthy enough. If this is the case, dental bridges and dentures are available for consideration. With any of these dental implants, you can be assured they will last in the following years.

With these permanent and sturdy implants, you are not limited to food restrictions you were unable to eat with missing or damaged teeth. It not only restores your function of chewing and eating, it can also help repair your speaking abilities. This is especially possible with dental implants being specifically customized to your conditions.

Price Dental Associates would love to help you in your dental implant treatments here in Houston, Texas. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Dwight Price by calling our dentist office at 281-493-1550 for a more thorough examination to determine if implants are right for you.