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Dr. Dwight Price and our dental team want the best for your child, as we’re sure you do as well. This is why we encourage you to do all you can to keep your child’s chompers and oral tissues in the best shape possible. However, we understand that might be a tricky task. So, to help you do so, we have some tips and recommendations for you.

First, it’s best to keep your child’s smile clean by keeping up on oral hygiene. You can clean your child’s smile by brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing their smile once a day, and rinsing their mouth daily. If they are old enough to do these things, please encourage them. It’s also best to inspect the smile after their cleaning job to make sure the entire mouth is spotless. Whatever you do, try to make oral hygiene as fun and as positive as possible.

Second, help your child eat tooth-healthy foods regularly. You can do so by giving them treats like fruit, raw vegetables, and dairy products. Please limit sugar as much as possible because sugar creates cavities. You can also help your child by packing them a lunch for school each day that have tooth-healthy products.

Third, consider covering your child’s teeth with dental sealants. Dental sealants are wafer-thin shells that are beneficial for children who have permanent molars. The sealants can cover the molars and protect them from bacteria growth and plaque buildup, which can ultimately prevent major dental issues.

To learn more about how to help your child have a healthy smile in Houston, Texas, please call Price Dental Associates at 281-493-1550. Our dental team will be excited to hear from you and help you help your child. We are happy to give your child the chance of growing into the strong and beautiful smile they deserve!