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Dental emergencies happen, which is why it’s important to stock your first-aid kit with dental supplies. That way you can improve the situation and help your smile if you ever experience an oral injury. So, to help you know which supplies to pack in your kit, our dentists, Dr. Dwight Price and Dr. Joseph Bauscher, have some recommendations.

First, pack floss. This can be a handy tool when you have a stubborn object stuck between your teeth. Having something stuck between the teeth or in the gums can be extremely uncomfortable. So, if this happens to you, reach for the floss and gently remove the object. Make sure to be gentle on the gums as you do so.

Second, pack the Save-a-Tooth® System. This system is helpful if you have knocked a tooth out of place. It’s important to keep the tooth alive so the dentist can implant the tooth back into the socket. If you can’t put the tooth back into place to keep it alive, it’s important to put it in this system.

Third, pack gauze and pain medication. The gauze can help stop any bleeding you experience after an oral injury. What you need to do is: place the gauze over the injured area and apply pressure. The pain medication can help you relieve discomfort while you wait to be treated at the dental office.

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