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A number of dentures are available to people who need to replace a number of their teeth. If you are missing most of your teeth, then you might consider a full denture.

The dentures are made with complete rows of teeth. The artificial teeth are placed in a acrylic base that is colored to match and blend with your real gums. The base is formed to fit over your gums.

A full denture is made up two parts, meaning it has an upper and lower set. The upper set involves the artificial teeth and the acrylic base, which goes over both your gums and your palate, the roof of your mouth. This allows the dentures to remain in place more firmly.

The lower set has the base and the teeth, but has no plate. It goes over your gums but leaves room for your tongue to move freely.

With these dentures, you can get natural-looking teeth back that allow you to eat more normally. Having dentures can not only make your mouth look good, but it can help your face as well. Without the teeth to support them, the muscles in your cheek can droop. Having dentures gives those muscles the support they need so your face keeps its shape.

One thing about full dentures is that natural teeth that remain will have to be removed so the dentures can fit. However, if you are considering dentures, those few remaining teeth are probably not enough for you anyway.

Of course, full dentures are not your only options. If plenty of teeth remain, our dentist can offer partial dentures, which are great when only a few teeth need to be replaced. Our dentist may introduce you to other options as well that will suit your needs.

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