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When it comes to diet, there are plenty of substances that are not good for your teeth. However, there are also a number of foods that can do wonderful things for your teeth! Here are some suggestions you can implement to help you pick foods that will strengthen your teeth, not erode them down and build dental caries and gum disease. If you have any extra questions after going over this information, please feel free to ask them to us during your next visit in our office.

When choosing mouth-healthy foods, find foods without fake sugar or extra sugar. Sugar is like food for the bacteria in your oral cavity that morph into cavity-causing acids, so you’ll want to be careful with anything that has lots of sugar. Regular fruits are sugary, but the quantity of water and fiber in them make them alright to consume in regular amounts. However, dried fruits are some of the most serious offenders because they don’t have the same amount of water as their natural counterparts. Instead of sugary foods like candy and soda, elect for vegetables, cheeses, and leafy greens: they’re chock-full of vitamins that will boost your dental health!

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