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Caring for your smile is a task that we typically all do correctly in the sense that we are practicing it on a daily basis. However, it can be easy for individuals to begin to neglect their oral health care if they get sick. If you have a cold or the flu, it is important to continue operating with your daily routines including brushing and flossing even when you’re sick. In fact, it may be more important than ever as numerous risks to your physical health often arise within your mouth.

In order to ensure your oral health care can remain strong through cold and flu season, exercise caution with all cleaning utensils you use. Furthermore, always make sure they are stored free of other cleaning utensils so that contamination does not occur. Cross-contamination can even occur by using anyone else’s brushes. This includes never sharing your toothbrush with others or using anyone else’s toothbrush. In addition, if you find yourself getting sick, never brush your teeth immediately afterward, otherwise you may do further damage to your teeth due to harmful acids in your stomach rising up into your mouth.

To help with your oral health care while you’re sick, make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluids. Furthermore, numerous medications have been known to produce dry mouth as a side effect. If you are suffering from dry mouth, that means less saliva will be in your mouth to protect your teeth and gums. You can help combat this by staying hydrated or chewing sugarless gum. In addition, crunchy foods that are high in water content can also help produce saliva.

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