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Your dentist is an expert in general dentistry. Oral health issues that deal with dental decay and gum disease are covered by the advanced training and study that your dentist has received. There are specialties within dentistry that get even more training for specific oral concerns, but when there is an overlapping serious disease that presents oral issues alongside a more difficult health concern, a specialist outside the field of dentistry may be required.

Within dentistry there are various specialties. For example, a periodontist deals specifically with gum disease. An oral surgeon spends the majority of his efforts on surgical concerns in the mouth. These are just two of many specialties still within the field of dentistry. But some diseases that also affect a patient orally may also require focused attention outside the mouth in order to treat. Problem diseases like diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and lupus are just three major health concerns that all have associated oral concerns, but these need to be handled simultaneously with the help of an endocrinologist, immunologist, or rheumatologist respectively.

Stomatology is a discipline within dentistry that specializes in difficult oral health conditions, many of which are still not entirely understood. There is research being conducted to understand overall body health connections to oral health and issues that present in the mouth when the body is sick. Some symptoms reported by patients with this problem are:

-Chronic pain
-Burning tongue
-Movement and joint disorders
-Taste disorders
-Sensory disorders

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