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Are you familiar with the effects of dental bonding and what it can do to improve your smile? Dental bonding provides several benefits for your smile because they can last up to a decade before a repair or replacement may be needed. Through the use of a dental bond, highly durable materials such as resin or porcelain can be directly applied to the surface of a tooth.

With a dental bond, you can help correct severe oral health risks with a tooth, including gum recession. Through the use of dental bonding, you can help cover up a portion of a tooth’s root that may have been exposed due to gum disease or another oral health risk. Furthermore, dental bonding can be used to cover up discolored or stained teeth, chipped or cracked teeth, or issues associated with the shape or length of teeth. Also, dental bonding is a highly durable cosmetic alternative to amalgams in the case that you need to repair decayed teeth. If you ever do suffer any damage to the surface of a tooth, be sure to visit our office to inquire about dental bonding procedures.

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